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Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

Jan 27, 2018

Ever struggled with saving money? Learn how to automate your success by automate your savings with CPA Paul Hood and business coach Clay Clark.

Jan 20, 2018

Paul Hood (CPA) and Clay Clark (Former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) break down how casualness with your finances causes casualties.

Dec 16, 2017

During today’s broadcast, Paul Hood (CPA) and the Clay Clark (the former United States Entrepreneur of the Year) teach how to know the true cost of employees and the importance of developing solid accounting routines.

Dec 9, 2017

Feel overwhelmed by managing your personal finances? Learn how to accurately and profitably price your products and services from business coach Clay Clark

Dec 2, 2017

During this show Paul Hood CPA and the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark break down the importance of viewing your accounting from a proactive perspective instead of just reacting to your finances. They discuss the dangers of casualness, how to automate...