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Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

Jul 31, 2022

Should you finally pay yourself well or should you reinvest in your business? When is it time to reap the fruits of your labor and when is it time to keep reinvesting in your business? Business coach Clay Clark breaks it down.

Jul 29, 2022

David Robinson (Hall of Fame basketball player) explains how to deal with and manage the difficult personalities found within every organization (including Dennis Rodman).

Jul 28, 2022

Drifting on your goals? Having a hard time with setbacks? If this is you then listen in to the Thrivetime Show podcast download as Dr Z and Clay Clark talk about achieving goals and overcoming setbacks.

Jul 27, 2022

Are you trying to get ahead of the burning fires in your business? If so you have to listen in to the Thrivetime Show as Clay and Z talk about building systems, and how they start their day.

Jul 26, 2022

Need to hire new team members? Listen in to this segment of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark goes above and beyond with the top characteristics to look for when hiring.