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Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

Dec 31, 2019

Having opened over 400 locations in less than 10 years, OXI Fresh is celebrating the sustained success of the brand and franchise brand developer Matt Kline joins us to point out specific BIG wins happening across the system.

Dec 30, 2019

Lawyer and founder of Richie Litigation, Darren Richie shares with us how he started his successful Hollywood elite and entertainment law firm and how to tap into the fire of desire that is required to succeed and lead. 

Dec 29, 2019

Bill Belichick’s #1 fan and America’s #1 business coach Clay Clark takes a look under the hoodie while exploring 102 facts about the management mastery of Bill Belichick.

Dec 29, 2019

Clay explains why it’s peaceful at the top and not lonely when you have chosen to surround yourself only with diligent doers and drama free humans while reading his newest book, It’s Not Lonely At the Top.

Dec 28, 2019

Bill Belichick’s #1 fan and the Young Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Oklahoma Clay Clark breaks down 102 Bill Belichick facts while teaching how they can be applied in your business.